As part of the 2024 Off Season campaign, Tourism Tasmania launched a playful new initiative, Odd Jobs, encouraging Australians to take a break from their day jobs for a one-of-a-kind Tasmanian Odd Job experience this winter.

Tourism Tasmania collaborated with 10 tourism operators including us (Tasmania’s Most Haunted) across the state to offer Odd Jobs that explore some of our island’s most wild, weird and wonderful workplaces.

Sharmaine spoke with Sunrise on Channel 7 in relation to Tasmania’s Most Haunted – Odd Job position as a Paranormal Investigator.

We are offering Aussies the chance to come and be a Paranormal Investigator here at Tasmania’s Most Haunted, where they will have the chance to use our paranormal detecting devices to investigate Willow Court: Australia’s oldest continually run asylum.

We’re looking for a fan of history and mystery as our next Paranormal Investigator, who will also have some keen investigative skills.

This is a one-day volunteer position, where you will get to spend the evening investigating the paranormal and learning the secrets of Willow Court Asylum’s past.

So, take a break from the rinse and repeat of the daily grind and swap your day job for an Odd Job: a uniquely Tasmanian experience designed to shake you by the shoulders and wake you up to the wonders of winter.

The successful applicant will be compensated with flights to Tasmania, car hire, two nights’ accommodation, and a bounty of local artisanal goods for their time.

Applications are now open and close July 8, 2024.

For more information and details on how you can apply for our ODD JOB, visit

Watch Sharmaine on Sunrise here

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